Project World Impact produced a high-quality video designed to increase awareness of Y.E.C.A. and inspire other like-minded individuals to engage with their work. PWI collaborated with Y.E.C.A. to discuss their vision for the video. We then created a comprehensive storyboard that outlined the plan for the video, shot-by-shot. With the finalized storyboard, PWI filmed and edited the video according to Y.E.C.A.’s specifications, and provided voiceover and animation of the film.


Website Design

PWI built Young Evangelicals for Climate Action a high-functioning, aesthetically appealing website to showcase their educational resources and advance Y.E.C.A.’s online presence. With the updated user interface Y.E.C.A. was able to reach a broader demographic to augment engagement.



PWI optimized Y.E.C.A.’s site for web searches using the words “Christian climate change.” As a result, Y.E.C.A. saw a significant increase in traffic to their website and a boost in interest about their cause.