PWI designed the branding for the STICK N GO app, which incorporates vibrant colors and simple graphics to appeal to the millennial generation.

The branding was also designed to invoke the look and feel of a sticker to reinforce the concept behind the app.



PWI designed and built the STICK N GO website to work in tandem with the app. The site acts as a portal for users and advertisers to connect and allows advertisers to view applicants from all over the country. Most importantly, the STICK N GO website facilitates the transactions between users and advertisers, enabling users to purchase stickers and upload photos of the sticker on their cars and advertisers to select and pay users.



PWI designed and built the STICK N GO app, which allows drivers to quickly and easily build accounts, upload pictures of their cars, and get paid. The app also enables brands and advertisers to upload the logos they want displayed and manage their accounts.