PWI built a new website for Matrix that fit with the company’s vision and displayed the same kind of quality and innovation reflected by Matrix’s products and services. PWI incorporated the photography and videography we had done for Matrix on the new website.



Project World Impact created a video designed to showcase the quality and innovation of Matrix’s work. PWI collaborated with Matrix to discuss their vision for the video, then created a comprehensive storyboard that outlined the plan for the video, shot-by-shot. Once the storyboard was in place, PWI filmed and edited the video according to Matrix’s specifications.



Matrix Design needed new photos of its products and factory to display on the company’s website. PWI’s team of professional photographers orchestrated all of the logistics for a photo shoot of Matrix’s products, complete with set-up and takedown, and produced a variety of high resolution product images for Matrix to choose from. Once the images were chosen, PWI’s photographers carefully edited and enhanced each photo to fully display the unique design, details, and features of each product.



PWI created, implemented, and managed online PPC ads for Matrix Design. By creating and testing different custom ad strategies, we were able to determine the most effective PPC ads for Matrix Design and maximized their budget to generate more online traffic.


Strategic Planning

PWI developed a strategic plan for Matrix Design that helped the leadership define the most important core objectives for future growth and align the entire team with the mission and goals of the organization.