01 Photography

Berkbinder & Brown needed new product shots of its watches and accessories to display on the company’s website and online store. PWI’s team of professional photographers orchestrated all of the logistics for a photo shoot of Berkbinder & Brown’s products, complete with set-up and takedown, and produced a variety of high resolution product images for Berkbinder & Brown to choose from. Once the images were chosen, PWI’s photographers carefully edited and enhanced each photo to fully display the unique design, details, and features of each product.

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02 Social Media

Berkbinder & Brown needed a new social media plan—one that would increase their visibility and relevance on social media platforms and easily allow them to merge their three existing accounts. We trained Berkbinder & Brown on the most effective ways to manage and generate their social media content, and merged their existing accounts to allow them to post and communicate as efficiently as possible.


03 Online Consulting

Berkbinder & Brown was looking for a way to increase traffic to their site so that more people would find their products. PWI performed thorough analytics of the website, pinpointed key areas of improvement, and increased traffic by over 50%.


04 SEO

Berkbinder & Brown’s website was not standing out in watch-related searches online. PWI created a plan to optimize the site so that Berkbinder & Brown’s website consistently appears in online searches, with the result of increased traffic to the site.


05 Website Design

Berkbinder & Brown needed a high functioning, aesthetically appealing website to showcase and sell their products and efficiently handle the increase in traffic generated by their growing market. PWI built them a new website with enhanced e&endash;commerce features that enable Berkbinder & Brown to smoothly handle the increase in web traffic and sell products in an efficient and user-friendly format. In addition to building and designing the website, we helped Berkbinder & Brown improve the written content on the website in order to communicate as effectively as possible and connect on a personal level with more consumers.

06 Email Design

After the launch of the new website created by PWI, Berkbinder & Brown needed a creative way to announce the website redesign to their followers and generate interest in the new site. PWI created a unique email template announcement designed to encourage Berkbinder & Brown’s email subscribers to open the email and explore the new site for themselves.